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Morgan SAT Process Manual  

SRBI (Scientific Research-Based Interventions)



The Morgan Student Assistance Team (MSAT) works together to provide early intervention strategies for students who are identified as having behavioral, emotional, or academic concerns. This is a proactive system aimed at providing all students with the opportunity for academic success. It serves as a data-supported effort to ensure that students receive an appropriate level of support in order to master grade-level standards.

Principles & Goals of the system

1.  Ensures all students grow to their potential

            a.  Capacity

2.  Uses data to measure growth, inform instruction, curricula and supports, evaluate systems

            a.  Triangulation

3.  Supports teachers in exploring, implementing and monitoring strategies to meet specific student needs in their content areas through diagnostic teaching

a.  Early Intervention

b.  Targeted acceleration for short-term intervention

4.  Provides evidence of due diligence for decision-making

a.  Clear entrance and exit criteria

5.  Engages multiple perspectives, and disciplines, in predictable, structured collaboration

a.  Interdisciplinary decisions from Tier 3+ on (Speech and Language, English Learners, Occupational Therapy, etc.)

6.  Demonstrates a shared understanding of and commitment to SRBI across the district

a.  Coherence


MSAT offers the following suggestions

If a student is having difficulty in a particular class...

contact the teacher

If a student will be absent or tardy or if you are concerned about your child's attendance...

contact the main office

If a student has medical concerns...

contact the school nurse

If a student needs help with course selection, or post secondary planning...

contact the guidance counselor

If a student is experiencing personal problems that affect his or her school performance...

contact the guidance counselor

If there is a family problem or your child is having difficulties outside of school...

contact the Clinton Youth and Family Services Bureau

If these avenues prove unsuccessful or you need additional support or information, contact MSAT by emailing Victoria Fox at [email protected] or Chris Luther at [email protected]..  


How MSAT works:

A concerned teacher, adult, or student refers a student who is having difficulty to the student assistance team.

One of the team’s members is assigned to collect information from teachers and other school personnel about the student and interviews the student personally.

For an initial referral, the student assistance team consisting of the student’s guidance counselor, teachers, interventionist, and assistance principal meets to review the information, consider options, and work towards a resolution.

The MSAT monthly team consisting of the principal, assistant principal, school psychologist, school social worker, guidance counselors, math interventionist, and literacy interventionist meet to discuss ongoing student concerns that need a higher level of support.

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